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Watching live sports offers so much more than just a preview to a game. There is an inherent thrill, an energy that rises up from the crowd with every goal, basket, or home run. There is an opportunity to connect with fans and different types of sports fans who share your particular passion for a team or player.

Being in a stadium with thousands of others is like being part of the game itself. Each cheer, each heckle, bringing in a different element to the game. In this way, watching live sports makes you more than a mere spectator. You are a contributor to the game at large, an active participant.

Many teams falling behind on the scoreboard has discovered a renewed energy by hearing their fans become electric in the crowd, inspiring them to rise above the numbers and take back momentum.

This is why discount sports tickets can play such an important role in bringing you closer to the action itself. It can be fun to watch a game at home, but there is nothing like being in the crowd and watching the play by play first hand. The only obstacle preventing many from seeing their favorite teams is cost.

It could prove expensive and difficult to get a ticket for just oneself, let alone taking the whole family. Cheap sports tickets offer a way to bring your whole family, or collect a group of friends, and watch first-hand the games that will one day be history.

Let's take a look of some the greatest games and sports rivalries in sports history. Games that half price sports tickets could have brought us that much closer to witnessing first hand.


The 2007 Fiesta Bowl

Imagine purchasing discount sports tickets to one of the greatest college bowl games ever played between Boise State and Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

This infamous game occurred on New Year's Day and was televised on all four major television networks. It pitted the eighth seed Oklahoma Sooners against the number nine seed Boise State Broncos at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Despite being the favored team, Oklahoma spent the majority of the game trailing. For the entire game, it looked like the Broncos had it. They dominated the first three quarters, and all but sealed the Sooners fate. That is until the last quarter when Oklahoma scored eighteen unanswered points and took the lead with just over a minute left in the game.

However, not to let their victory slide away from them, Boise State quickly tied the game and brought the teams to overtime. A total of twenty-two points were scored in under two minutes of regulation play, and fifteen points in overtime in a series of trick plays that culminated in Boise State's victory with a final score of 43-42.

As if this dramatic ending was not enough, after the last play of the game, a two point conversion by Boise State's running back, Ian Johnson, using the trick Statue of Liberty Play, Johnson ran over to his girlfriend on the sidelines and proposed in front of the entire stadium. She said, yes.


Game Six Of The 1975 World Series


On October 21, 1975 at Fenway Park in Boston, one of the greatest World Series games ever was to be played. The series was between the Boston Red Sox and the Cincinnati Reds in what ESPN ranks the second best World Series of all-time.

After three days of rain, the best pitchers were on-call to pitch. Fred Lynn started the scoring in the first inning with a three-run homer while Boston's starter, Luis Tiant held the Reds scoreless for the first four innings. In the fifth inning, the Reds tied the game and by the eighth, they were up six to three.

Bernie Carbo, ironically a first round draft pick for the Reds, had a three-run pinch-hit home run for the Red Sox in the bottom of the eighth inning to tie the game. With bases loaded and no outs, the Sox were on the brink of winning the game in the bottom of the ninth.

A jam the Reds managed to get out of due to a miscommunication on the baseline which rendered Doyle out as he attempted to score from third base off a short fly ball hit by Fred Lynn. Apparently, Doyle misheard third base coach Don Zimmer shouting, "no, no, no," as "go, go, go!" With the game still tied in the bottom of the twelfth inning, Carlton Fisk came up to bat for the Red Sox against Reds' pitcher, Pat Darcy; the eighth pitcher the Reds had called on that night.

In one of the greatest home runs in the history of baseball, Fisk lined the second pitch down the left field line. The ball hit the foul pole above the Green Monster and was ruled fair. If you were in the park watching the game line, you would have seen the moment we all witnessed via the left field camera, Carlton Fisk waving his arms as he was running down the baseline as if moving the ball via telekinesis into a fair territory. That ended the game. The Red Sox won four to three, but would ultimately go on to lose the series to the Reds.


The LA Clippers vs Golden State Warriors

Reggie Miller once claimed the Clippers and Warriors rivalry as the best rivalry in the entire NBA, and there is little room for disagreement. Rivalries spurn generally from cities and teams which do not like each other very much. Like the infamous New York/Boston rivalry, San Francisco and Los Angeles have been cities at each other's proverbial throats for decades, across all professional sports. (The Giants/Dodger Rivalry is yet another fine example.) The Warriors and Clippers have played dozens of times in the last few years.

Games ripe with on and off the court jabs, burns, and even, on occasion, altercations. The rivalry can be personified by point guards, Stephen Curry of the Warriors, and Chris Paul of the Clippers. They both are Carolina natives, with similar backgrounds.

For all intensive purposes, they would be friends. They even have starred in several television commercials together. Yet, on the court, their blood flows with their fellow teammates, and they are not afraid to take each other out while matched up against each other on the court. There is respect between the teams, but that does not translate into affection.

One of the biggest games of the rivalry occurred on Christmas of 2013 in which the Warriors beat the Clippers by two points, 105-103, but not before two player ejections, and escalating tensions. It is such heated contests that make sports fun to watch firsthand. The Clippers and Warriors rivalry is no exception.


The 1980 Winter Olympics Ice Hockey Semifinals


This is perhaps one of the greatest sports moments in American history, and it occurred right here in America in Lake Placid, New York. The game was between the United States and the Soviet Union, and in American popular culture is known as the "Miracle on Ice" game.

At the time, the United States were prevented by regulation from using professional players to man their team, the Soviets, however, were not. This was an epic David versus Goliath moment that rendered the nation in awe. Made up of an entirely amateur team of college boys, the United States were not expected to even make the semifinals, let alone, conquer the world favorite USSR; a team universally accepted as the best hockey team in the world.

To add to the drama, the game occurred during the Cold War in which tensions between the US and USSR were high, to say the least. The patriotic fervor ran rampant in the arena as the American flags flew in every direction. The crowd went from cheers to renditions of God Bless America in an atmosphere ripe for the moment.

If you were not there to witness this event live, you would have to wait with the rest of the nation for it to finally be televised later that evening on prime time television. The US fell behind early, but managed to stay in the game as the result of an incredible performance by United States goaltender, Jim Craig. Down two to one with one second left in the first period, the Unites States tied the game.

In a move which shocked the world, Russian coach Viktor Tikhonov replaced perhaps the greatest goaltender in the world, Vladislav Tretiak with backup goaltender Vladimir Myshkin for the start of the second quarter. Myshkin managed to allow no goals for the entire period while his teammate, Aleksandr Maltsev scored on the power play putting the Soviets once again on top, three to two. However, it was the unparalleled efforts of US goaltender, Jim Craig who managed to almost single handedly keep the dominant Soviets from scoring even more.

The US managed to score two goals in the final period against back-up goalie, Vladimir Myshkin to pull ahead of the Soviets four to three with ten minutes left in the game; a feat itself considered inconceivable under the circumstances. To put it in perspective, the Russian team beat this same US squad eleven to nothing during exhibition play; a game in which the Soviets were barely trying.

The remaining ten minutes of the game became the exclusive show of US goalie Jim Craig as he stopped every shot the Soviets rocketed toward him. The US won the game, and eventually the Gold Medal.


Games like these are the reason people love to see live sports. With cheap sports tickets you can escape the high cost generally associated with going to a big game. Do not let yourself miss out on the next big moment in sports history. Half price sports tickets can bring history to you, and the anecdotes that come with actually being able to say, "Hey, I was AT that game!" 

Please bookmark and follow/revisit this page. We will feature the best discount sports tickets, deals and packages, so you can save money and stay updated regarding the newest upcoming games and discount offers.


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