The 10 Different Types of Sports Fans

The 10 Different Types of Sports FansJuly 25, 2014

Often you hear people claiming they are sports fans, but what does that mean being a sports fan? Do you have to like all kinds of sports or is it enough to cheer for your favorite team?

It seems the term sports fan is too wide and there are different species within this group. In this article, we will introduce the 10 different types of sports fan and you'll be able to find out which kind of sports fan you really are.

Here goes…


1. "I watch sports only when other guys are around"

Really? You call him a sports fan? Sure, he has enough knowledge when it comes to sports because he watches sports once in a while when there are people around, but he doesn't really care about sports or gives a crap about one team or the other or even sports in general! This "fan" is more interested in fitting in socially or impressing his father-in-law, so to me this type of fan is not a true fan, but there are a lot of these fans around.



2. "I watch every type of sport because I am a gambler"

When you gamble on sports, it becomes much more interesting to watch it. You find yourself cheering a team you know nothing about, no player, you have no idea the coach's nationality and that's in the best case or scenario, since sometimes you don't even know the rules of the game…but you have money invested, so you're a fan in that given moment (or every moment actually, because all you do in life is gamble your money). Be careful when you're near this type of fan; When he wins he can be your best friend and buy drinks to everyone, but when he losses…don't be around him, ever!



3. "I just like to wear the T-Shirt"

Well, it doesn't have to be just a T-Shirt, it can be any apparel which is related to the team, including jerseys, snapbacks and more. This type of fan looks like he's the biggest fan of the team, but when you begin a conversation with him you realize this dude has no clue about the team or even sports in general. Is he a true sports fan? Hell no! He's a hitchhiker at best.



4. "I could have been one of those players/guys"

Everyone who played sports growing up remembers the feeling of wanting to become a professional sports player, succeed and win championships, but we came to realize life has a different plan for us. Still, there are those types of fans who are still stuck in "dreamland", believing they were so close to being one of those successful players on the pitch, field or court…as if they were almost drafted or something. Hey, calm down. You're not a professional player, you were never close of being one, you're here sitting in a bar, drinking beer and yelling at the TV, so chill man.



5. "I am a nerdy sport stat encyclopedia"

Almost everyone knows this dude who has an incredible amount of sports stats, as if he was born that way. This type of fan is a human sports encyclopedia and you should take him with you on a quiz show to win some cool prizes. The plus side is that this type of fan will always learn more and more stats and will never stop, so try and take advantage of their knowledge and place a bet? Careful from the gambler standing next to you…



6. "I hate all of my teams, yet I am going to watch anyway just to complain how bad they play"

I'm sure you know this type of fan and maybe it's even one of your friends. Deep down inside, this fan is a true and real fan of the team, he knows the current players, remembers past players, wants the team to win and just because of this great amount of love and support to his team he gets so angry and start "hating" the team when they don't play the way he feels or think they should play. This person is a fan, he's the coach, he's the manager, he knows everything, yet he's just a fan with a big mouth but a true love towards his team…so you're OK in our book.



7. "My entire identity is defined by my favorite sports team"

This type of sports fan wears his favorite team's jersey, follow the team almost obsessively and makes it the only thing that interests him and the only thing he talks about. His entire identity is the identity of his favorite team; it's as if he is not an individual person. Disturbing? Nah, he'll get over it…I say it's just a phase.



8. "I watch sports with my family because we're emotionally distant"

There are families that don't really get along, but when it comes to sports they are all best friends and all problems and inner-troubles magically disappear. It's interesting to study this unusual relationship, watch the family prior a game and post-game; should be very interesting.



9. "I am just looking for an excuse to drink beer"

This type of fan does not really care about sports and to him it's something in the background. He enjoys the company of his friends, the beer, the snacks and that's what matters to him. Sometimes, he doesn't even care about his friends, as long as there is beer.



10. "My child is one of the athlete's"

Well, if you're a dad of a professional athlete or player, you kind of obliged to watch the game, cheer and be interested in sports. Even if they enjoy sports or not, they simply have to be there to support their kids, that's the least they can do.


These are the 10 types of sports fans we know about. Think we missed a type or two? Have something to offer? Comment below and let's start a discussion.


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