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Saturday July 13 2024 Saturday V.I.P Tickets! 230 Fifth - New York City NY, United States FROM $40
Saturday July 20 2024 Saturday V.I.P Tickets! 230 Fifth - New York City NY, United States FROM $40

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Listening to live music is one of life's more cathartic and moving endeavors. It brings us closer to the arts, and each other. It pitches us into another realm in which we can either be carried away by the sound, or quite literally, in the contemporary experience, carried away by each other.

We can relate and empathize with the poetry of great song lyrics or connect with other individuals, often complete strangers, who are excited and passionate by the same artists and bands as we are. However, paying full price for tickets these days is beyond the means of a great many of us.

By the time you factor in the cost of the tickets, hidden fees, the cost of travel, food and, for those so inclined, alcohol, before you know it, it can become an extremely costly night out, but it does not have to be. This is why it is so important to do our research and find half price concert tickets to our favorite shows.

Offering substantial savings on tickets, discount ticket brokerage firms are becoming an entire industry in and of themselves. This page seeks to help the buyer weed through the options of discovering the best discount concert tickets, as well as serving as a reminder as to why we want to spend the money on live entertainment in the first place; to have the joy of live music in our lives without having to sacrifice a good portion of our disposable income in the process.


Great Concerts Of The Past

A great concert is so much more than a live show. How many of us would actually have given a limb to have seen The Beatles live at Shea Stadium in 1965, one year prior to John, Paul, George and Ringo retiring from live performances all together? The band breaking up shortly thereafter, never to play all together again.

What would one give to have seen Jim Morrison, in all his weirdo splendor, make history with his eccentric contempt for authority as The Doors played Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami in 1969? How would you like to have been in the crowd to witness The Rolling Stones play Altamont Speedway in the infamous concert which left one dead at the hands of the notorious biker gang, The Hell's Angels?

Would you have liked to have seen The Boss himself, Mr. Bruce Springsteen, play the Roxy in 1978? How about to have been present as Simon and Garfunkel moved New York City in the now famous performance played in Central Park? Would you have swooned to have been in attendance as Peter Frampton came alive in 1975? The later two performances being the genesis for a couple of the greatest live albums in the history of music.

Have you ever daydreamed of being pitched into the surreal artistic expression of one of Pink Floyd's renditions of The Wall during the early 80's? If any of these great shows have sparked a degree of enthusiasm in your soul and envy in your heart toward those fortunate enough to have seen them, you know the power live music can generate in the consciousness of a time.

Concerts like all these move the audience beyond mere entertainment, and into the realm of culture itself. They speak to our times and politics and offer a glimpse into the scope of the human condition. Finding cheap concert tickets which enable us to experience more live music allows us the opportunity to be more than mere spectators, but potential active participants in a piece of history.


Benefits of Seeing Live Shows

Seeing live performances offer a plethora of benefits. For one, it is an opportunity to experience the music in a new and different way. A recorded version of a song or album can be wonderful, but it is cemented in time and place. Nothing can be added or subtracted.

The beat, the tempo, the atmosphere remain the same as it was the moment it was recorded. In a live performance, the opportunity for variance runs rampant. The Grateful Dead offer a wonderful example of this, as Deadheads all over the world prefer to see and experience them live.

Even going so far as to swap recordings of favorite shows in an attempt to hear the various renditions of the classic songs they have come to know and love. Going to a live performance is also a wonderful way to dance and move. Basically, it gets even the most prone to couch potato status up and grooving.

This, along with the positive energy generated by a crowd moved by shared experience can actually raise endorphin levels in fans and produce a tremendous psychological advantage as well. Some people claim to feel like they are walking on air even days after seeing a particular wonderful performance. The happiness derived from such an experience does not have a price tag.

Another benefit is the exposure to opening acts which help us discover new music we may otherwise not have been privy to. What could be more satisfying than sharing this new found discovery with others? In essence, live shows offer us the opportunity to connect. We connect to the music, to each other and even to ourselves. Live shows can also offer huge societal and altruistic benefits. Musicians, like many of their artist counterparts, tend to offer performances on occasion for the benefit of charitable causes.

This offers the fan not only an opportunity to experience seeing their favorite artist perform, but also to contribute to a greater societal goal in the process. These do not have to be huge venues either. Sometimes the smaller shows can generate just as much benefit as some of the bigger more well known acts.

There is something inherently satisfying about seeing a favorite band or musician play in an intimate setting. This unique experience can make the listener feel like they are listening to a private show.


Discount Tickets

Stubhub is the premiere name in discount concert tickets. Owned by Ebay, it is perhaps the most reputable and well known of all online ticket sellers offering a plethora of choices for practically every venue.


GoodSeatTickets is a wonderful outlet to find cheap concert tickets to a vast array of quality live music. Users tend to favor it as a nice standby alongside Stubhub.


GoldStar is the biggest seller of discount concert tickets and even offers an app to help consumers get the best deals. You do have to be a member to use the service, but membership is free.


CheapTickets is an online travel service company whose, as a subsidery of Orbitz, primary market is travel. However, what many do not know is one can purchase cheap concert tickets at extremely discounted prices through them. This little known gem might not be the first place people go when they want to save money on live music, but in a clutch, it could offer a great opportunity to save big on some of your favorite shows.


ScoreBig offers consumers the opportuntiy to save up to 60% off box office prices. Users essentially bid on concert tickets which enable them to purchase seats to some of the biggest shows at quite a discount. The downfall, however, is you can only bid once every 24 hours. If your bid is accepted, one can save big bucks. If rejected, however, one either has to wait an entire day to try again or buy tickets at full price.



Going to a live show, at the most, can be a once in a lifetime experience; at the least, it can be an exhilarating and exciting moment in time.

Moving and dancing to our favorite songs, being in the same room as the artists who inspire and move us are just a few of the many reasons why seeing live music should be actively encouraged.

Half price concert tickets allow even the most broke amongst us an opportunity to not miss out the next time our number one band tours our area. Bookmark, follow and revisit this page, as we will feature the best discount concert tickets.

In this way, you can find half price concert tickets that will save you money while keeping you updated regarding the latest upcoming concerts.


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