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Going to see a live play or musical can be an exciting experience. The magic of theatre in all its myriad manifestations lies in the fact that a good performance of a well written script can literally move us to tears.

The set designs and costumes can pitch us into other times and places. The acoustics of a professional playhouse lends itself to the natural talents of the performers. The reverberance often entering the confines of our very being; we can literally feel the music in our chests.

Seeing live theatre is an experience not to be missed. Discount theatre tickets can bring that experience to you at a fraction of the cost. Here is a list of twelve classic theatre productions everyone wishes they have seen:


Spring Awakening

Imagine finding half price theatre tickets to Spring Awakening in 2007. This was the production that literally launched the career of several very well-known and talented performers. The big television hit, Glee found two of its stars, Lea Michele and Jenna Ushkowitz, in this wonderfully unique remake of a late nineteenth century German play.

Spring Awakening swept the 2007 Tony Awards winning eight awards including Best Musical. The cast also included Jonathan Groff from HBO's original series, Looking, and John Gallager, Jr from The Newsroom, as well as, Skylar Astin fromPitch Perfect.


The Producers

Mel Brooks' The Producers has won more Tony awards than any other musical in the history of the awards. Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane starred in the original Broadway production in 1991.

The play, based off Brooks' largely popular 1968 film, won a record-breaking twelve Tony awards. The Producers went on to huge international success as well as became yet another film, this time starring the play's original headliners, Broderick and Lane.


Les Miserable

Would you like to be in the audience during a live performance of the Broadway hit Les Miserable? This epic story is perhaps one of the most beloved musicals of all time.

Derived from Victor Hugo's classic novel of the same name, Les Miserable takes place in Paris on the brink of revolution. Almost all the songs are known. The characters have become archetypes of our very selves. From the tragic and lonely Eponine to the strong and true Jean Valjean, the story is one that will leave anyone fortunate enough to have found cheap theatre tickets to a live performance wishing to see it all over again.



Based on a Prohibition-Era play of the same name, Chicago offers an entertaining glimpse into the corruption of the criminal justice system, and a satirical commentary of the celebrity criminal.

The famous choreographer, Bob Fosse choreographed the original production which made its Broadway premier in 1975.


Death of a Salesman

What if you were able to find discount theatre tickets to a showing of Arthur Miller's Death of A Salesman in 1984 starring Dustin Hoffman and John Malkovich?

Death of A Salesman is considered by many to be a great American Classic. Children are taught the story in school, but to see it acted out live is a whole other experience.

New York Times critic, Frank Rich describes the following scene, "When Biff finally forgives Willy and nestles his head lovingly on his father's chest, the whole audience leans forward to be folded into the embrace: we know we're watching the salesman arrive, however temporarily, at the only safe harbor he'll ever know." With such moments, the theatre transcends mere fiction and becomes art.



This rock musical tells the story of a group of indigent artists striving to find themselves in New York City's East Village.

The music was written by Jonathan Larson, who died suddenly the night before his off-Broadway premiere. Rent would go on to Broadway and eventually win a Pulitzer Prize as well as a Tony for Best Musical.

It grossed close to three hundred million dollars before calling it quits after a twelve year run.


Cats and Phantom Of The Opera

Andrew Lloyd Webber single handedly took the world by storm with two of the longest running shows in the history of Broadway, Cats and Phantom of the Opera.

Cats ran eighteen years on Broadway and twenty-one years in London, and has been translated into over twenty different languages. Phantom of the Opera, on the other hand, is the most monetarily successful musical in history.

It has been seen by hundreds of millions of people in countless cities and countries throughout the world. Perhaps, many of them wish they have found cheap theatre tickets instead of paying full price. That way, they can say they were among them.


Angels In America


Angels in America by Tony Kushner is yet another contemporary classic that has moved many. As a provocative metaphorical two-act play, it served as a catalyst for LGBT rights in America during the time the AIDS epidemic was ravishing the gay community.

The play's first part titled, Millennium Approaches, won a Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1993.

Despite the culture war that ensured as the controversial play was often picketed and protested by the religious right, critics hailed Angels In America as an important contribution to addressing the social issues in our nation.


A Streetcar Named Desire

In 1948 Tennessee Williams won a Pulitzer Prize for his now classic play, A Streetcar named Desire. The play made its debut on Broadway in 1947 and closed two years later.

It featured such stars as Jessica Tandy, Karl Malden and Marlon Brando. Laurence Olivier directed the premiere of the London production. I bet there are many who wish they could have found half price theatre tickets to either of these shows.

The play is considered to be Tennessee Williams's best and has been heralded as one of the greatest plays of the century.


The Lion King

This hugely successful musical was based on the 1994 Disney film of the same name. The music was written by the pop-star icon, Elton John and the lyrics are by Tim Rice.

The play is the third longest running show in the history of Broadway and has grossed over a billion dollars. Like the film, it was produced by Disney and has a budget to prove it.

Gorgeous set designs, and actors dressed in elaborate costumes render The Lion King a spectacular experience the whole family can enjoy.



This popular musical was inspired by John Waters 1988 film of the same name. An homage to the 1960's, a decade of social unrest and racial turmoil, Hairspray offers a commentary of the times told from the perspective of an overweight teenager whose biggest dream is to dance on a local television show.

The production ran for six ran and won many awards including eight Tonys. The London Production set records by winning a record-breaking eleven Laurence Olivier Awards.



This unique little production was not a long lasting hit. It was, however, a fan favorite. Taking the audience back to the Wonderful land of Oz, this story provides a glimpse into the perspective of the Wicked Witch of the West prior to when we all had the opportunity to get to know her during her encounters with Dorothy in the beloved classic, The Wizard of Oz.


All of these wonderful plays, musicals and performances offer a glimpse of what purchasing discount theatre tickets can bring to your life. Going to see a theatre show is an experience unparalleled. One can easily read a play. It is another experience entirely to witness the play being performed live.

To see your favorite stars on the stage or hear your favorite songs being sung in a venue specifically designed for such entertainment is simply put, unforgettable.

This is why you should bookmark and revisit this page. We will feature the best cheap theatre tickets, deals and packages. By continuing to follow us, you can save money on your favorite theatre events while staying updated regarding the newest discount offers.


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