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Saturday July 6 2024 Saturday V.I.P Tickets! 230 Fifth - New York City NY, United States FROM $40
Saturday July 13 2024 Saturday V.I.P Tickets! 230 Fifth - New York City NY, United States FROM $40
Saturday July 20 2024 Saturday V.I.P Tickets! 230 Fifth - New York City NY, United States FROM $40

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Why Discount Tickets Matter

If you like to experience live entertainment, whether a concert, show, or big game, you know how much good seats can cost you. Let alone, if you decide to take your entire family. The endeavour can set you back as much as a mini-vacation, but it does not have to.

With discount tickets you can experience the same quality live performances for as much as half the price. Cost should not dictate how we spend our leisure time. With cheap tickets, you can experience all the great live entertainment you want to.



Few things parallel the experience of seeing a live show of one of your favorite bands or performers. Some of the greatest bands to see live include:


The Rolling Stones. Still performing into their 70's, The Stones offer timeless performances that are hard to beat. From guitarist, Keith Richards practically electrocuting himself in front of a live audience in 1965 while performing "The Last Time" for almost the last time, to the free show at the Altamont in which a massive riot ensued, The Rolling Stones do not disappoint.


Radiohead. Few bands can leave their audience as spellbound with their unique mesmerizing sound, as Thom Yorke's penetrating vocals. Hearing this band play live offers more than just the opportunity for a new concert t-shirt. It is a rapture true Radiohead fans would suffer greatly for.


Bruce Springsteen. Performing his classic songs on stage while in his 60's, The Boss can still sell out some of the biggest venues in the nation. Seeing him perform live is on the bucket list of many music aficionados. With songs that resonate to working class America, Bruce Springsteen offers us the music that penetrates into the core of our national identity.


Muse. This band literally flew a spaceship above one of their shows. If you could have purchased half price tickets, you could have seen this feat live. A spaceship, now that is a hard act to follow. Muse is one of the few bands that delight their fans with every show.


Phish. As a general rule, "jam bands" draw a very unique crowd that either love or hate them. Phish is no exception. The band has been around for decades, replacing The Grateful Dead, if that is even possible, as perhaps the greatest contemporary "jam band" to see live. Sure, anyone can purchase a Phish album, but it is their live shows in which their music really shines.


Live Sporting Events

While few things rival a live concert, there is nothing that compares to being in the stands of a historic sporting event. Discount tickets can give anyone the opportunity to witness history in the making. Here are some of the benefits of watching live sporting events:


Yankees vs. Red Sox. There is no rivalry in the history of American sports as intense as the one between the New York Yankees and The Boston Red Sox.

The cities hate each other. The fans hate each other, and the games are a virtual battleground of loathing. What all that translates to is an electric surge which penetrates each and every Yankee/Red Sox game.

Ever since Babe Ruth was traded to the Yanks after the 1919 season, the Yankees went on to claim one of the richest most successful sport dynasties in the world, Babe Ruth became a Hall of Famer as well as a candy bar and national icon, while the Red Sox spent generations waiting for their time. Their time has arrived, and with it, this rivalry is all the much better.


The Greats. Seeing live sporting events offer far more than watching the games themselves. They are also about seeing the legends that help shape those very games.

Who would not have loved to see The Greatest, Mr. Wayne Gretzky, score a hat-trick while practically single-handedly carrying the Edmonton Oilers to victory.

How about seeing Michael Jordan slam dunk while sitting in the stands of a Chicago Bulls game, or watching LeBron James push the Miami Heat to back to back NBA Championships? Would you like to have been ringside while Muhammad Ali took down Joe Frazer? Perhaps, it would be a little more meaningful to have been in the stands to watch relatively unknown pitcher, Jim Abbott, pitch a no-hitter for the New York Yankees. He did it with one hand after all.

Finding cheap tickets could get you all the closer to seeing your favorite athletes achieve greatness.


Harlem Globetrotters. How many of us remember going to see The Harlem Globetrotters as kids. The team rocking a perpetual exhibition schedule in order to entertain the crowds with their talent, humor, and unique version of basketball.

With their theme song "Sweet Georgia Brown" playing at every game, The Globetrotters have played literally tens of thousands of games spanning generations.

The players have changed over the years, naturally, but the team that never loses is always pure delight to bring the entire family to go see.




The theatre offers an intimate entertainment experience that keep seasoned theatre goers coming again and again. However, if you are someone who loves to see the latest play or musical live, you know that tickets to such shows do not come cheap; that is unless you find half price tickets.

Then you can experience two of your favorite shows for the cost of one. Here are some of the best the theatre has to offer right now:


The Book of Mormon. This current Broadway hit is rocking the nation. Created by writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame, this satire offers an entertaining and hilarious glimpse into our contemporary religious culture.


China Doll. Few writers offer the profound stories that David Mamet does, and China Doll is Mamet's latest. As if that is not enough, this play about money and privilege in contemporary society stars Al Pacino in the lead.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Based on Mark Haddon's best-selling book of the same name, provides an intimate glimpse of autism through the lens of a teenage boy on a mission to find the killer of his neighbors' dog. The critics are hailing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nigh-Time as a must see.


Jersey Boys. This Broadway musical offers a glimpse into the making of the 1960's group, The Four Seasons. Featuring the Four Seasons' memorable tunes from the generation, this musical is a must see for every theatre lover.


The King and I. This timeless classic is back on Broadway and critics are raving about it. This is the fourth Broadway revival of the 1951 classic that takes on even more meaning in today's contemporary culture of female empowerment in the Middle East. (Although the play takes place in Siam, now modern day Thailand).

This wonderful story speaks of the power of love despite all obstacles. An experience the whole family can enjoy.


Anything Shakespeare. Shakespeare is considered perhaps the greatest poet to ever live. His plays have been taught over countless generations throughout the world. However, to know the work of Shakespeare, in the truest sense, one must see a live performance of one of his plays.

To hear the dialog spoken, it becomes so much more than antiquated text of a bygone area. The actors on stage can lure us in with the magic that Shakespeare intended his works to generate in the hearts of theatre goers everywhere. If he only knew his plays would still be capturing the audiences now as they did back when he wrote them.

Seeing a Shakespeare play performed live on stage is a cultural experience which inspire us to see first-hand what the power of live performances can have on those fortunate enough to see them.


If you are a lover of live entertainment, you should never have to miss your favorite events ever again.

Bookmark, follow and revisit this page for all of the latest deals, coupons and discounts on tickets.

With discount tickets you can go see your sport teams live, or the play all the critics are raving about, or that big concert all your friends are going to. You can be where you want to be when you want to, and not have to pay full price for it.


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