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The Broadway theater, along with thousands of other theaters across the country, is an enduring example of in-person entertainment. A theater performance can move a person unlike a standard, pre-recorded movie shown on a screen. Visitors to a theater can see an actor's facial movements and the pronunciation of their words up-close, sometimes so close that a viewer feels as though they can reach out and touch the performer. No two theater performances are exactly the same, with intricacies and changes sometimes added in the minutes before a performance. Understudies and guest stars can liven up even an average theater performance. The remarkable success of "Hamilton" shows that theater can still captivate audiences well into the 21st century. Other shows like Cats or The Lion King are still remembered by audiences for stunning special effects and dazzling performances. A trip to the theater can often be a life-changing experience.

Theater tickets are more of a traditional experience in many ways than any other kind of ticket. The biggest theater shows on Broadway in New York City first sell their tickets at the theaters or at specific booths in Manhattan and Broadway. People wait in line for hours for the most popular shows, and the physical location of Broadway makes these shows infinitely more important than similar shows around the world. This physical nature can be an impediment for many people attempting to buy tickets. New York City is an expensive place to live and visit, and the vast majority of people do not have the time or money to wait outside on Broadway for several hours for one of a handful of open tickets to be offered. However, that does not mean that there are not websites available to help people buy theater tickets online.

Websites that allow people to buy theater tickets online also provide rush and lottery ticket services as well. These are time-honored Broadway ticket systems where users purchase tickets during a short period of time or on a limited basis. Online ticket purchasers provide access to these traditions and allow individuals to participate without leaving their own homes. In addition, online services allow theatergoers to sell their tickets on a secondary market and avoid the hassle of in-person ticket traditions like lotteries and rush purchases.

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