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Festival tickets, like concert tickets, usually revolve around musical acts and are sometimes only announced months in advance. Some can be held in massive concert hauls and have many attractions while also providing catering services. They also have high demand and can sell out in a short period of time. However, the similarities end there. Festivals are a much different type of event than any of the events listed above. They come with a myriad of logistical requirements for everyone involved. Festivals are often affairs that last several days and involve thousands of people who sleep in tents and buy food from central areas. Numerous purchases may be involved for a festival attendee, including their ticket, travel, and secured lodging. Attendees can choose many types of passes and parking options to fit their needs.

For regular festivals like Coachella, their websites sell tickets in advance. Like all of the previously mentioned ticket venues, there exists a secondary market where these users could buy festival tickets online at a discount. However, the demand for these festivals is so high that the secondary market will be relatively weak and will quickly fill with scalpers soon after the event is announced. Direct purchases are usually the best way to go for those who want an opportunity to buy festival tickets online.

Many festivals offer an experience that cannot be described. Festival attendees meet new people, listen to their favorite music, and often view awe-inspiring artistic displays. Festivals like Lollapalooza and Woodstock helped to define the culture of their times. Many attendees revisit the festival every time it happens, and some people have even fallen in love and gotten married as a result of attending one of these festivals. The festival transcends whatever money you may spend on it; the ticket is a key to an experience that will prove to be far more important than a few hundred dollars. When looking to buy the all-important tickets to these events, it is better to go to an online broker that a person trusts for all of their concert, sporting, theater, and festival needs.

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