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Most people remember the excitement of their first concert. They recall the hundreds or thousands of people crammed together, the audience following along by singing or waving lighters. The concert can be a full-sensory experience, with beautiful colors and displays combined with the smells and tastes of concessions or large groups of people experiencing music together. People sometimes drive halfway across the country to see their favorite band perform, an experience that is worth much more than any associated costs. A handful of concerts even become the basis for movies or CDs where one particular performance on a particular night can go down in history. Classic concerts like Live Aid or Pink Floyd's many concerts on their The Wall tour are still talked about decades after they happened. With just one ticket, a concert-goer can become part of history.

As a result, concert tickets are an incredibly high-demand ticket venue. Tickets sometimes sell out within minutes of an event being announced. These large concerts do not allow a person to take the time needed to visit a box office or place a phone call. They are prioritized especially for the online market and are subject to the whims of massive companies. Thousands of tickets are often picked up by scalpers who buy them within a few minutes of being released according to a computer program. Buying a ticket any other way would simply not be feasible. The ability to buy concert tickets online also eliminates the need to drive out or place a phone call in order to purchase a ticket. Less work means a greater ease of a ticket purchase.

Most systems that allow users to buy concert tickets online have an unmatched ease of use and some of the lowest prices available. An online purchaser could search for thousands of different tickets by genre, artist, venue and more at a multitude of different prices. Users can visualize the concert venue and see how much tickets cost in different sections of an arena. They can even set a budget for how much they want to spend and the website will highlight the different areas they can sit in. In addition, many of the ticket websites are connected to each other in one way or another. A visitor can see all of the tickets available on that site and other sites, sometimes for events that are coming up quickly. Maps show where exactly the seats will be and allows a user to purchase the tickets in a matter of seconds. With just a few clicks, you can be on your way to a concert that you may remember for a lifetime.

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