This Day in Music History: January 26

This Day in Music History: January 26January 26, 2017

We cover all sorts of news, facts and historical and interesting facts that happened on this day in music history.


Today: January 26.


1961: Elvis Presley topped the UK singles chart with 'Are You Lonesome Tonight', his sixth UK No.1. The single included a spoken passage loosely based on Shakespeare.


1965: During a Rolling Stones tour of Australia and New Zealand, the shirt of guitarist Keith Richards got torn off, after 50 fans invaded the stage during the concert at The Town Hall in Brisbane.

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1968: Pink Floyd played their first show without Syd Barrett at Southampton University. The band was supported by Tyrannosaurus Rex, (later to be renamed T Rex) featuring Marc Bolan and percussionist Steve Peregrine Took.

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1974: Ringo Starr topped the US singles chart with his version of 'You're Sixteen', a song by Johnny Burnette that was a hit in 1960, and also reached the No.3 spot on the UK chart.

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1977: Peter Green, Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist, was committed to a mental hospital after he threatened his accountant Clifford Adams with an air rifle when he was trying to deliver a £30,000 ($51,000) royalty cheque to him.

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1980: Prince made his TV debut on the US show 'American Bandstand'. When he was interviewed after his appearance, Prince kind of froze and struggled to reply to the questions he was being asked.


1991: Queen had their second UK No.1 with 'Innuendo'. The song exceeded their epic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by 35 seconds, thus giving them the third longest UK No.1 song of all time, behind The Beatles 'Hey Jude' and Simple Minds' 'Belfast Child' (subsequently the 9 minutes 38 seconds 'All Around The World' by Oasis took over the top slot and demoted Innuendo to fourth place). For 'Innuendo's' flamenco guitar solo, Brian May was joined by Yes guitarist Steve Howe.

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2008: Alicia Keys topped the US album chart with her third album 'As I Am'. It went to sell more than 742,000 copies in its first week, the largest ever first week sales for any female R&B artist.

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