This Day in Music History: January 17

This Day in Music History: January 17January 17, 2017

We cover all sorts of news, facts and historical and interesting facts that happened on this day in music history.


Today: January 17.


1963: The Beatles appeared at The Cavern Club at lunchtime and in the evening they performed at the Majestic Ballroom, Birkenhead. At the Majestic, every ticket had been sold in advance, which left 500 fans disappointed as they waiting outside, but had no entry tickets.

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1964: The Rolling Stones released their first EP, which included the songs: ‘You Better Move On’, ‘Poison Ivy’, ‘Bye Bye Johnny’ and ‘Money’. It reached the No.15 spot on the UK chart.

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1970: R&B singer Billy Stewart and three of his band members were killed after the car they were traveling in crashed off a bridge. He had the 1966 US No.10 hit 'Summertime'.


1976: Barry Manilow scored his second US No.1 single with 'I Write The Songs', a song that was written by Bruce Johnson of The Beach Boys.

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1981: Motley Crue formed when Nikki Sixx, the bass guitarist of London left the band, and began rehearsing with drummer Tommy Lee and vocalist, guitarist Greg Leon, (who later left). Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee later added to the band guitarist Bob "Mick Mars" Deal. Vince Neil also accepted an offer to join (after he turned it down before) in April of that year.

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1987: Kate Bush began a two-week run at the top of the UK album chart with 'The Whole Story'. The compilation album was her third UK number one album as well as her best selling release.


1998: All Saints scored their first UK No.1 single with 'Never Ever'. The song spent a total of 24 weeks on the UK chart and was the first of 5 No.1 singles for the band.

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2016: David Bowie topped the American album charts for the first time with 'Blackstar', which was released only two days before his death on 10 January. His highest-charting US album previously had been 'The Next Day', which reached the No.2 spot in 2013.



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