Supergrass - Did You Know?

Supergrass - Did You Know?November 24, 2018

Music facts, music trivia, interesting stories and much more. Introducing the "Did You Know" page about English rock band, Supergrass.




Supergrass were an English rock band that were formed in Oxford in 1993. They consisted of Gaz (guitar, lead vocals), Rob Coombes (keyboards, backing vocals), Mick Quinn (bass, backing vocals) and Danny Goffey (drums, backing vocals).

Perhaps the band's most known and successful song is the song 'Alright' that was written in the bleak mid-winter. It started at the house of Danny Goffey, where his parents had this knackered piano. One of the band members started bashing out those chords, then they all went to the pub and knocked out the lyrics in 10 minutes.

The song 'Alright' became the band's calling card, but it was not planned at all. They were just a gang of teenagers and this song was them remebering the innocence of being 13, before they delved into the rock n' roll world.

They didn't know the song would be a hit, but they got back from their first US tour and suddenly old ladies were recognizing them on the street.

on 12 April, 2010, Supergrass announced that they were splitting up due to musical and creative differences. They disbanded after 4 farewell shows, the final one being played at La CigaleParis on 11 June, 2010.


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