Paul Young - Did You Know?

Paul Young - Did You Know?August 27, 2018

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Paul Young is an English musician, singer and songwriter that was the frontman of the bands Kat Kool & the Kool Cats, Streetband and Q-Tips. These bands did not last long and in the 1980s, Paul Young started a successful solo career.

Before making it big, Paul Young was an apprentice at the Vauxhall manufacturing plant in Luton. Young is a self-taught guitarist, but has also attended piano lessons.

Young became the touring keyboard player and guitarist for Tight Fit and in 1982, he signed a solo deal with CBS. His first album, No Parlez, sold 7 million copies, making it the biggest selling UK-signed album on CBS.

Paul Young is famous for singles like: "Come Back and Stay", "Love of the Common People", "Every Time You Go Away", "Wherever I Lay My Hat" and "Everything Must Change", with all of them reaching the top 10 of the UK Singles Chart.

Since the mid-1990s, Young has performed with his band Los Pacaminos and Since the late 1990s, he hasn't released a lot of new material. However, he still tours the world, so you can still enjoy his old and lovely hits.

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The song "Everytime You Go Away" by Paul Young was written by Daryl Hall and was originally recorded by Hall & Oates for their 1980 album, Voices, but wasn't released as a single.

Paul Young's version of the song became a hit nearly 5 years later. "Everytime You Go Away" was the biggest hit for Paul Young and in 2014, Daryl Hall said that this song is one of his favorite covers of a Hall & Oates songs.

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