Labi Siffre - Did You Know?

Labi Siffre - Did You Know?December 1, 2018

Music facts, music trivia, interesting stories and much more. Introducing the "Did You Know" page about British musician, singer, songwriter and poet, Labi Siffre.




Labi Siffre (real name: Claudius Afolabi "Labi" Siffre) is a British musician, singer, songwriter and poet.

Labi Siffre was profoundly affected by a television documentary from South Africa, showing a white soldier shooting at black children. It was then that he decided to come out of self-imposed retirement from music in 1985 to write the song "(Something Inside) So Strong", a protest song against apartheid as a response.

Labi Siffre originally intended to give the song to another artist to sing, but was later convinced to release it himself. "(Something Inside) So Strong" became one of the biggest successes of Labi Siffre's career, with the song peaking at #4 in the UK.

Labi Siffre released 6 albums between the years 1970-1975, and 4 more between the years 1988-1998. He has also published essays, the stage and TV play Deathwrite, and 3 volumes of poetry: NiggerBlood On The Page, and Monument.


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