East 17 - Did You Know?

East 17 - Did You Know?February 9, 2019

Music facts, music trivia, interesting stories and much more. Introducing the "Did You Know" page about English pop boy band, East 17.




East 17 are an English pop boy band that was formed in 1991 in London, with original line-up consisting of Tony Mortimer, Terry Coldwell, Brian Harvey and John Hendy.

East 17 achieved 18 Top 20 singles and 4 Top 10 albums, making them one of the UK's most popular boy bands during the early to mid-1990s. Their music style blended hip hop and pop and some of their popular and successful songs were "House of Love", "Gold", "Steam", "Stay Another Day" and more.

The song "Stay Another Day" was the band's first ballad, and it was written by Tony Mortimer, who was the band's lead songwriter. Despite seeming to be a love song, "Stay Another Day" was actually written about Tony's brother, Ollie, who had committed suicide. The song was also inspired by a close friend of Mortimer's who lost her father.

As you've just read, the song is not about Christmas, but is it usually considered a festive classic. Christmas bells were added towards the end of the song, and that is in order to appeal to the lucrative Christmas singles market.

"Stay Another Day" was released in late November 1994, and became that year's Christmas No.1. 

East 17 have sold more than 18 million albums and 1.8 million singles in the UK.


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