Aqua - Did You Know?

Aqua - Did You Know?December 31, 2018

Music facts, music trivia, interesting stories and much more. Introducing the "Did You Know" page about Danish-Norwegian eurodance group, Aqua.




Aqua is a Danish-Norwegian eurodance group that was formed in 1989 in Copenhagen, Denmark and consists of Lene Nystrøm (vocals), René Dif (vocals), Søren Rasted (keyboard) and Claus Norreen (guitar). Aqua is best known for their breakthrough hit single "Barbie Girl" from 1997, which we will also talk about in today's did you know fact.

Mattel sued Aqua, claiming that the band violated the Barbie trademark in their song 'Barbie Girl', turning Barbie into a sex object, referring to her as a "blonde bimbo." Aqua on the other hand, claimed that Mattel injected their own meanings into the song's lyrics.

In 2002, a judge ruled the song was protected as free speech under the first amendment and also threw out a defamation lawsuit that Aqua's record company filed against Mattel.

The judge actually said in the ruling that "the parties are advised to chill." The case was eventually dismissed, and in the process, it garnered loads of media attention for the song and for Aqua.

The band released three albums, which are Aquarium (1997), Aquarius (2000) and Megalomania (2011), and overall has sold approximately 33 million albums and singles worldwide, which makes them the most profitable Danish band ever.

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