All Saints - Did You Know?

All Saints - Did You Know?September 12, 2018

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All Saints are a pop girl group that was formed in 1993 in London. All Saints actually began as a three piece by the name of All Saints with Melanie Blatt and Shaznay Lewis, joining with singer Simone Rainford  in 1993.

Rainford left the band before times got good and success came, leaving the door open for the Appleton sisters to join the group. In 1996, All Saints as most people and fans know it was formed and they landed a deal with London Records.

The debut album of All Saints from 1997, peaked at No.2 on the UK Albums Chart and became the third best-selling girl group album of all time in the UK. The album contained three singles that topped the UK chart: "Under the Bridge"/"Lady Marmalade", "Bootie Call" and "Never Ever."

As of the month of January 2016, All Saints have sold 12 million records worldwide.

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The song "Never Ever" by All Saints was written by Shaznay Lewis after splitting up with a boyfriend, but the music in the song conveyed the impression that all would be well.

All Saints flew to Washington DC where they recorded the vocals, except for the intro which was recorded at Battery Studios in UK and were kept from the original demo. This was because the mood could not be replicated and so, everyone agreed to keep the demo vocals.

"Never Ever" was the biggest hit in the USA for the band.

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