Adam and the Ants - Did You Know?

Adam and the Ants - Did You Know?September 15, 2018

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Adam and the Ants were an English rock band that was formed in London, England and was active between the years 1977-1982.

Adam Ant (real name: Stuart Leslie Goddard) used to be the bass player of a pub rock band called Bazooka Joe, but decided to quit the band in order to form his own band, inspired by the Sex Pistols. Tentatively called The B-Sides, they practised regularly over the following months, but lacking a drummer never managed to play a gig.

Adam Ant had befriended some influential figures in the London punk scene and the Ants eventually formed in early 1977. Their first gig, believe it or not, was was on May 5th, 1977, at a bedroom in Muswell Hill.

The band achieved considerable cult popularity when they moved from the punk rock era to the post-punk and new wave era. They were known and defined for their high camp and overtly sexualised stage performances and songs.

Overall, Adam and the Ants have achieved major commercial success both in the UK and abroad. Adam Ant is still performing and has his own solo career.

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