This Day in Music History: March 18

This Day in Music History: March 18March 18, 2017

We cover all sorts of news, facts and historical and interesting facts that happened on this day in music history.


Today: March 18.


1939: Frank Sinatra made his first recording, with a song called 'Our Love', along with the Frank Mane band.


1965: Each of The Rolling Stones band members was fined £5 ($8.50) for urinating in a public place, just after an incident that had taken place at a petrol station after a show at the ABC Theatre in Romford, Essex, England. This was after the last gig on their fifth UK package tour with The Hollies, The Konrads, all girl-group Goldie and the Gingerbreads and Dave Berry and the Cruisers.

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1967: The Beatles scored their 13th US No.1 single with 'Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever'. The title of the song is derived from the name of a street near the house of John Lennon, in Liverpool. Paul McCartney and John Lennon would meet at Penny Lane junction in the Mossley Hill area in order to catch a bus into the centre of the city.

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1972: Neil Young started a three week run at the top of the US singles chart with 'Heart Of Gold'. It was also Young's only Top 20 hit as a solo artist that reached No.10 on the UK chart.

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1972: Paul Simon scored his first solo No.1 album when his self-titled debut topped the UK charts. The album features the songs: 'Mother And Child Reunion' and 'Me And Julio Down By The School Yard.'

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1977: The Clash released 'White Riot', their debut single, which peaked at the No.38 spot on the UK charts.


2001: American singer, guitarist, and songwriter John Phillips of Mamas and The Papas died, due to heart failure at the age of 65. His first band, The Journeymen, were a folk trio, Mamas and The Papas had the US No.1 'Monday, Monday'. He was married to Michelle Gilliam and together they had one child, Chynna Phillips, vocalist of the 1990's pop trio Wilson Phillips. His second solo album was released on Rolling Stones records and featured Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Mick Taylor and Ronnie Wood.



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