This Day in Music History: January 14

This Day in Music History: January 14January 14, 2017

We cover all sorts of news, facts and historical and interesting facts that happened on this day in music history.


Today: January 14.


1961: 'GI Blues' by Elvis Presley, began a seven-week run at the top of the UK chart. Also on this day, Elvis was promoted to Acting-Sergeant in the US Army, and received a pay increase of $22.94 per month.


1963: Charlie Watts made his live debut with The Rolling Stones at The Flamingo Jazz Club, Soho, London. Before he joined The Rolling Stones, Watts played regularly with Blues Incorporated.

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1966: David Jones changed his name to David Bowie in order to avoid confusion with Davy Jones from The Monkees, just in time for the release of his single, 'Can't Help Thinking About Me'. Later, he said that he chose "Bowie" because he liked that "big American bear-killin' knife."


1970: Diana Ross made her last performance with The Supremes at The Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas. During the concert, she introduced her replacement, Jean Terrell, who would lead the bsnd to seven more Top 40 hits, including the Top 10 entries 'Up The Ladder To The Roof' and 'Stoned Love' later in the year.

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1977: David Bowie released 'Low', his eleventh studio album, and the first of three collaborations with Brian Eno termed the "Berlin Trilogy". The track 'Sound and Vision' was released as a single and was used by the BBC in the UK on trailers at the time. It provided a lot of exposure, as Bowie opted to do nothing to promote the single by himself, and this way, it helped the song reach the No.3 spot on the UK charts.


1984: Paul McCartney topped the UK singles chart with 'Pipes Of Peace.' With this release, he made chart history, when he became the first artist to have a No.1 in a band, (The Beatles), in a duo, (with Stevie Wonder) in a trio, (with Wings) and as a solo artist.

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1996: Oasis reached the No.1 spot on the UK album chart with '(What's The Story) Morning Glory', the band's second UK No.1. It was a total of 145 weeks on the chart.


2001: Jennifer Lopez scored her first UK No.1 single with 'Love Don't Cost A Thing.' The song features on her album J.Lo.

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