The Hottest Summer Concerts and Music Festivals of 2017

The Hottest Summer Concerts and Music Festivals of 2017March 21, 2017

Summer 2017 is right around the corner and festival season is creeping up fast. Outdoor venues and amphitheaters are gearing up for yet another big summer concert season. Some locations feature a bevy of talent, while others prepare for a night-long ballad performed by some of the biggest names in music. Below we'll dive into a few festivals and must-see concerts of the 2017 summer season. We start with summer music festivals 2017.


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Summerfest (Location: Milwaukee, WI)

Celebrating their 50th year of family fun, entertainment, and the biggest collection of musical talents is Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI. Located alongside a picturesque lakeside view, this festival boasts as the largest stateside festival each and every year. The venue is constantly undergoing larger renovations to ensure the weekend(s) of a lifetime for music fans. With the 50th year right around the corner, there is a lot to look forward to from this historic venue.

The festival starts the third weekend in June each year and runs into the first week of July. There are 12 stages of entertainment that feature some of the industry's best up-and-comers and performers to take you back in time. The stages are impressive, and some of them are especially dedicated to a certain music genre. For instance, the Johnson Controls World Sound Stage is known for hosting a mix of blues, R&B, soul and various world beat bands. The musical influences represented at this festival stretch all areas of the globe. The headliners have been streaming in, with the ground stage performers coming in the next few weeks. This year's festival features classic rock vibes of Tom Petty and extends to the country music genre with Luke Bryan and the Zac Brown Band. The ground stage performers never disappoint and one can look back at the history of performers to find gems like Imagine Dragons, Lupe Fiasco, and The Doobie Brothers.

This year's festival will be nothing short of a spectacle with the 50-year marking holding some weight with music fans. This is a must-see venue for those who have never been.


Country Music Festivals (Location: Across the Midwest)

While the country music genre might not be everyone's cup of tea, there is plenty to go around for fans of this kind of music. Country music festivals come alive with the beginning of summer, and there are always a few that keep the excitement high with their electric lineups.

Starting with Country Fest in Cadott, WI. This four-day festival boasts some of the top names in country music. With the likes of Blake Shelton, Eric Church, Thomas Rhett, and Alabama headlining this year's fest, it is easy to see why country lovers are gearing up for this year's event. These historic grounds are built in a sizeable field that allows you to get a feel for a cool summer breeze and an outdoor adventure you won't soon forget.

Keeping up with the summer festivals 2017 craze, we have Country Jam (two locations: Grand Junction, Colorado and Eau Claire, Wisconsin). The Grand Junction festival features some of the best talent they have ever signed on. Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Thomas Rhett, Justin Moore and many others will take Colorado by storm this summer. This is a hot ticket with the festival celebrating over 25 years of talent at their Grand Junction location. The Eau Claire location features no shortage of talent. Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, and Dierks Bentley will headline this 3-day festival. It is a nice mix of talent behind some show-stopping opening acts.

Our last country festival takes place in Chicago, IL. The Windy City Lake Shake is in its infancy when it comes to establishing their 3-day country music festival. This year Rascal Flatts, Miranda Lambert, Gary Allen, and Big & Rich will take the stage, amongst many other top performing country artists. The festival takes place alongside the Chicago lakeside, carrying a scenic look to accompany some positive music vibes. This festival is beginning to gain some traction with concert goers and is something you have to attend this summer.


Bonnaroo (Location: Manchester, TN)

Celebrating their 15th year in existence is Bonnaroo. This festival is the cat's meow when it comes to indie rock, classic rock, and world music. The diversity among genres is what makes this festival a popular destination for those looking to branch out from what they may hear on the radio. The location is perfect for outdoor performance as a farm is transformed into a 700-acre masterpiece that is a "really good time". This Creole slang isn't the only thing to define what Bonnaroo truly is. Not only do they promote a variety of music genres, they are a landscape for artistic performance and a platform for environmentalism. There are many great distributors of arts, music, food and causes that show up each year to add a little extra to this long-standing music festival.

The music is never lacking. This year's lineup features some very large performers in U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, and Chance the Rapper. These are some of the large talents that will follow a lineup that consists of over 100 different artists and performers. This festival lasts 4 days and invites attendees to camp out to truly get a feel for this extended weekend in June.


BottleRock Music Festival (Location: Napa Valley, CA)

Kicking off the list of festivals to start the summer is BottleRock in Napa Valley. This popular festival headlines the list of things to do around the Memorial Day weekend. This show sells out rather quickly each year, and it is no wonder due to their highly talented lineup and other exhibits and vendors they bring in for this celebration. Aside from the music, the festival is known for their wide selection of food and drink vendors. The top breweries and wine distributors are brought in each year to showcase their latest blends and brews. You can also cleanse your palate with the wide range of food vendors that are brought on for this weekend. The location definitely keeps the interest level high and gives the attendee a true sense of California fashion, music and lifestyles.

This year's festival has already signed names on like: Foo Fighters, Tom Petty, and Maroon 5. Among others, these headliners have all featured successful careers in their particular genre, with the Foo Fighters returning to the festival scene after a long hiatus. This will be a show you'll never forget, so try to get over to Napa Valley for some of the best entertainment the summer festival market has to offer.


Lollapalooza (Location: Chicago, IL)

We return to the Midwest for a yearly adventure to Lollapalooza at Grant Park in Chicago, IL. Last year the festival celebrated its 25-year anniversary and brought the house down in the park with the likes of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, J. Cole, Lana Del Ray, and others. This year will mark their 25th anniversary encore, which hints at the announcement of big talents to come.

The park itself has been home to this festival for over two centuries and has seen the likes of many big acts throughout the year. This large park is set up in a way that allows you to travel from one stage to the next to ensure you can take in all the musical influences the festival has to offer. This year's lineup remains unannounced up to this point, but the international series has already highlighted their lineups. The Weeknd, Metallica, Skrillex, and Calvin Harris are all names that have been featured at these international sites. It only increases the anticipation of what is to come from the 2017 Lollapalooza festival in Chicago. When it comes to summer music festivals 2017, Lollapalooza is always near the top of the list.


Other Summer "Can't Miss" Concerts (Locations: Various)

While summer festivals 2017 bring most of the sizzle to summer, there are a few solo acts that can bring the fire on their own. Below we'll dive into a list of the best summer concerts 2017.

The 'Piano Man' Billy Joel has announced that he will be touring in 2017. His shows will span the globe at will make stops at some very iconic locations. Large sports arenas and amphitheaters may be the best place to catch Joel this summer, but his performance at Madison Square Garden will be one for the ages. Joel is originally from New York, so his trips to MSG are undoubtedly a little more special for fans of this living legend. He also makes a trip to legendary Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL and Fenway Park in Boston, MA to highlight other locations of interest. This will be a summer to remember courtesy of Joel and Company; one you have to see at some point during the summer.

Doing a complete 180, we move onto to Arianna Grande. Grande announced her Dangerous Woman tour a few months back, and the back end of her tour will carry into the summertime. Her musical talents and vocal ranges have placed her continuously on top of the Billboard and Pop music charts. This is the largest tour she has ever planned and headlined, so fans of this pop star can be left with a memory that will last a lifetime. Arianna has not announced an opening act for her summer shows yet, but you can bank on it being someone big due to the size of this tour.

We bring back rock one more time with Green Day for their summer concerts 2017 tour dates. Green Day has been on-and-off with their tour dates ever since being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Their shows have highlighted some of their "newer" releases and have left long-time fans of the band in a bind. This announcement is said to close that door, as this is one of the largest tours they have planned in recent memory. They will bounce back and forth between stateside and international locations, with a big show planned in Oakland at the Coliseum where they call home. Go on a holiday with Green Day this summer and be sure to catch them at least once on their long list of show dates.

See you there!


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