The Greatest Rivalries in the World of Music

The Greatest Rivalries in the World of MusicDecember 13, 2013

Music is a great way to relax, enjoy, forget about the troubles' of the day, but while you listen to your favorite music did you ever stop to think if there's more to it? Well, behind the hits of the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s there are many stories of betrayal, ambition and conquest which led to great and big rivalries among some of the famous and successful artists, so before you decide to compare concert ticket prices and later on purchase the tickets to your favorite bands and artists, here are some of the great rivalries in the world of music so you'll know what's going on behind the music as well.


5. Oasis vs. ex-drummer Tony McCarroll

People always get kicked out of bands but this time McCarroll was about to get kicked out from a band that would become one of the best and known in the music world and that is Oasis. The story is that Oasis' elder brother and songwriter Noel was named in a $30 million lawsuit as McCarroll claimed he deserved royalties but eventually settled out in court for around $1 million and the agreement also stated that he will not receive any future revenue that will be generated by Oasis. If that's not enough than you should know that Tony was being buried alive in the "Live Forever" clip but the band and Noel somehow always "forgot" to mention Tony's name in interviews the band gave…no great love here.


4. Jay-Z vs. Nas

A rivalry that surprisingly and thankfully didn't come to gunshots, yet a great rivalry between the two. Jay's career built nicely to a fever pitch through the end of the '90s and the start of 2000 while Nas was battling cleanup. The funny part is that it was Jay's verbal assault which helped Nas get his own music career better. To date Jay is no longer recording new albums yet considered to be the kind of Rap while Nas still sings and performs but no one really think he comes close to big Jay.


3. Sting vs. The Police

Common reasons for bands' breakup are drugs, women, money and of-course hatred which is the reason this rivalry escalated. Yes, Sting and The Police simply hated each other. The Police enjoyed great fame and fortune but after 7 years in the studio and on the road they started to drive each other crazy as well and by the mid-'80s they couldn't stand each other and that of-course meant there was no way they'll work together anymore. Reunion attempts were nowhere near to be successful and Sting started to withhold his new material and songs from the band. Good times, bad times, I guess this needed to end yet not in a friendly manner.


2. Paul McCartney vs. Michael Jackson

The two great artists were once good friends and sang together during the '80s but when Michael Jackson outbid Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono for publishing rights to several of the Beatles songs, the rivalry began and the friendship was over. I guess Paul McCartney didn't only lose a friend but also a lot of money not owning the catalog of some of the best and memorable songs of the Beatles which he was part of in the past.


1. Metallica vs. Megadeth

Ah, The glory days of rock and heavy metal gave birth to a rivalry between two of the biggest names during the '80s, Metallica and Megadeth. There was two camps of fans when each camp caring very little for the other and there was no great love between the fans although the music of the bands was similar and of the same genre. Dave Mustaine, once played guitar for Metallica got booted out of the band and found new life in Megadeth, yet the polls always showed that Megadeth was the runner-up as "Best Metal Band" although releasing successful albums over the years. The rivalry didn't stop there as Mustaine also claims that he wrote guitar parts on Master of Puppets and And Justice For All even though he long been removed from Metallica. I guess you were either on Metallica's side or Megadeth's and to this day the fans are loyal to their bands.

There are many more rivalries in the world of music but these are some of the more intense. So now, next time you listen to your favorite band or artist or go and see them live in concert, you'll know there is a lot more than just music and show, there are rivalries that will never vanish or end and some were even inspiration to various songs.


Think differently? Are there other rivalries you wish to mention and talk about? Leave a comment below and let's open this for discussion.

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