The 10 Greatest Sports Rivalries

The 10 Greatest Sports RivalriesDecember 2, 2013

Everyone who enjoys sports is waiting for specific games where 2 teams with great history meet each other and collide because the emotions are high and a regular game turns into a battle on the court or field. In this article we share with you the 10 greatest sports rivalries so the next time you decide to purchase tickets to sports events, you'll know which games are best to watch and experience live. Now, let the countdown begin.


10. Giants vs. Dodgers (NFL)

Spawned in New York and then transferred to the West Coast in 1958. The most famous moment was in 1951 when a home run by Bobby Thomson beat the Dodgers to win the pennant. The rivalry continued as during the '60s when the two teams played in the NFL, Juan Marichal attacked Johnny Roseboro with a bat, and to these year this is one of the greatest rivalries in the NFL.


9. Redskins vs. Cowboys (NFL)

The rivalry hit its peak during the '70s and early '80s. The fans of the Redskins hated Tom Landry, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and the shotgun offense. On the other site the fans of the Cowboys hated the Redskins' logo which they found to be ridiculous, George Allen and Joe Theismann. When the two teams played on Thanksgiving, there were more than a few turkey legs thrown by fans on the TV in disgust. When thinking about popular and desired NFL tickets, this game surely comes to mind.


8. Red Sox vs. Yankees (MLB)

The Red Sox were the dominant franchise in the American League until they sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. From that point on the Red Sox fans did not forget nor forgive for this move and the rivalry lives long from that day.


7. Arnold Palmer vs. Jack Nicklaus (Golf)

Palmer was the favorite and loved one among the fans while Nicklaus was chubby yet more talented. This rivalry was respectful with Nicklaus envying the great popularity of Palmer and Palmer envying Nicklaus' great skills. It was this rivalry and matchup which brought the game of golf to the masses.


6. Maple Leafs vs. Canadiens (NHL)

Once the NHL consisted of 6 teams only and that meant that teams played each other all the time, yet no game was as intense as this one. It pitted French Canada against English Canada which was very symbolic and historic. The teams met 5 times in the Stanley cup with Montreal winning during the years 1959 and 1960 while Toronto winning the years 1945, 1951 and 1967. To this day NHL tickets to this game are considered among the hottest and die hard fans book them as early as possible not to miss this clash.


5. Wilt Chamberlain vs. Bill Russell (Basketball/NBA)

The NBA consisted only 9 teams most of the 1960s and that meant that Chamberlain and Russell played each other 9-12 times during the season. Defense was not so sophisticated as today so there were no double team or help from the weak side, so the two players guarded each other on the court and that meant great battles both on the offensive and defensive side. Because the Celtics of Russell always won, Russell's reputation was of being a team player helping his team at each game while Russell's reputation was of a selfish player who only thought of his own stats and didn't make his teammates better. Yet, both players were superstars and each time they met on the court was a treat to the fans.


4. North Carolina vs. Duke (Basketball/NCAA)

These are 2 of the most successful teams in college basketball with great players and coaches with most games between the two are down to the buzzer. The teams meet each other only twice a year and sometimes again during the ACC tournament, every basketball fan and especially college basketball await this matchup between these two great teams.


3. Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier (Boxing)

Ali fought Frazier 3 times when 2 of the brawls are considered among the best and greatest fights in boxing history. Many claim that the first fight between them at Madison Square Garden in 1971 is the most significant match in boxing history. In 1975 the two met for the third time (The Thrilla in Manila) where Ali verbally assaulted Joe Frazier to a degree where Frazier remains psychologically damaged to this day.


2. Michigan vs. Ohio State (College Football/NCAA)

When Ohio Stadium opened in 1922, it was Michigan that spoiled the great party with a smashing 22-0 victory. As both were long time college football powers, it was no surprise that a rivalry should ignite here. In 1969 the rivalry got even hotter when Bo Schembechler took over as Michigan's coach and by that upset Woody Hayes' No. 1 ranked and undefeated Buckeyes. The rivalry was so intense that every time Ohio State met Michigan they played as if it is a championship match and the results were clear as during 1993, Ohio State were 9-0-1, 11-0 in 1995 and 10-0 in 1996, and the rivalry continues…


1. Rangers vs. Celtic (Soccer/Scottish League)

There are many rivalries in sports but nothing compares in our opinion to the one between Rangers and Celtic in Scottish soccer league. The great rivalry is a lot more than a sports rivalry as its roots date back long time ago and are centered on religion (Catholic and Protestant), politics (Loyalist and Republican) and social ideology (Conservatism and Socialism). With all these on the line it's no surprise that every game when these two meet means war both on the pitch and among fans.


Want to share with us your favorite rivalries? Comment to this article and decide what is the biggest rivalry in sports in your opinion.

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