Did You Know? Keith Richards Snorted His Own Dad

Did You Know? Keith Richards Snorted His Own DadJanuary 21, 2014

Keith Richards, a member of one of the biggest groups in the world of music - Rolling Stones, is without a doubt one of the most talented guitarists in the history of music but his abilities with the guitar are not the main issue and story here. Richards has a long history of drug abuse and even tried for drug-related charges 5 times during his life.

Richard's life is also full with strange events just like the one in 2006, where he fell off a tree in Fiji. He suffered a head injury which was really bad but managed to fully recover from it - Not the most stable person around.

In 2007, a journalist asked Richards during an interview what was the strangest thing he had ever snorted and his reply was shocking to say the least.

Keith Richards said that the strangest thing he ever snorted in his life was his own dad! He was cremated and Richards couldn't resist taking a little bit of blow, as to his own words his dad wouldn't have cared and if you watch the video, you'll understand according to Richards that it is actually a common practice in many cultures out of respect. Unbelievable? Shocking? You decide.

Richard's story quickly became a media sensation that followed his manager making a statement that Richards was only joking and the event did not actually happen.

In that same interview, Keith Richards also mentioned that his most life-threatening drug experience was when someone put strychnine (pesticide) in his dope. This experience made him totally comatose but fully awake, as he could hear everyone around him who thought Richards was actually dead.

We can be sure that as long as Keith Richards is with us, we could always expect and enjoy more of his amazing stories and life experiences as we as his great music.

Watch the video for the full story and Richard's explanation of it.


The famous interview with Keith Richards 

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