Did You Know? Bob Dylan, The Beatles and a Joint

Did You Know? Bob Dylan, The Beatles and a JointJanuary 20, 2014

It was in 1964 that The Beatles were befriended by Bob Dylan who asked Paul, Ringo, George, John and Brain Epstein if they wanted to smoke a joint together with him.

The Beatles band members said that they haven't smoked marijuana for several years and this answer surprised Dylan a lot since he was under the impression the band members were smoking marijuana all the time and what contributed to this thought of Dylan was the fact that he mistook the lyrics of the Beatles' song "I Want to Hold Your Hand" when he thought The Beatles were singing "I get high", while in fact they were singing "I can't hide."

See what happens when you can't search the lyrics when there's no internet?

Nevertheless, The Beatles members didn't refuse Bob Dylan's offer and started with John Lennon taking the joint, smoking it a little and passing it to Ringo who in his turn smoked the entire thing, not knowing apparently what sharing actually meant.

So, Dylan decided he would roll a joint for each of the Beatles members and they all smoked together happily ever after.

Ah yes, the good old times...am I right?


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